Banning segmented runs.
4 years ago
Redding, CA, USA

Segmented runs are now banned for this game. The reasoning for doing so is as follows:

  1. I have written a guide on how to get the game properly set up so it will run in 3dfx set to 800x600, omit the "copying files to hard drive" loading screens, circumvent crashes, and run in a borderless window set to whatever resolution you want. I have currently ran through the game multiple times with this setup and it has not crashed on me once.
  2. It was discussed in the King's Quest Speedrunning discord that segmented runs are better used as tech demonstrations and route examples. They are relics of the past where game capture software was rudimentary at best (ala SDA days); this is no longer the case with OBS being widely available.
  3. The biggest concern is free reign to splice and fake a run. I would rather circumvent this, and any suspicion, entirely by banning editing of a run.

Runs will now be obligated to have a livesplit window present or be livestreamed without ANY editing of the recorded run. Any run thought to have been modified will be immediately invalidated and the runner considered for permanent run rejection on the board. The current two segmented runs will be removed and the runners asked to submit new runs that are single segment.

Any questions or discussion can be done on the discord server linked on this page.

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