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Thread: Dear Zoton2

Started by: kingpin111kingpin111

I don't mean any disrespect, but you seriously need to retire as the moderator of this section. You are not updating it frequently, and when you do update, it's only established runners you're accepting, you're not giving anyone else a chance. I have already made a forum about this on the main speedruns section. Please give it to someone Like petiguana or pessimistic Mango. Thank you.

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Thread: Simpsons Hit & Run Moderator Neglection

Started by: kingpin111kingpin111

This is the only way I can connect to directly. The Simpson's Hit & Run is a very popular speed-running game. But it's moderator Zoton2 is NOT updating it frequently. Infact, he is only updating it with his friends runs. There are a lot of runs that are NOT featured on the leader boards. Can someone please just get new moderator for the section? I suggest Pessimistic Mango or Petpetiguana. Thanks for your time.