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4 years ago
Ontario, Canada

##We now have a leaderboard Extension for Killing Floor 2! This board will be used for all other runs outside of the standard IL runs.

Any Existing Collectible runs on the main KF2 board have now all been moved over to the new Extensions Board!

I will be updating the Rules and cleaning up the boards and going throw all current submissions once these updates are done. Any runs that do not meet the baseline requirements or rules for the categories will be removed. I would ask that if this happens to you and should you want to contact myself or Puma and we will be more then happy to chat.

Submit new collectible runs to:

##Extension Categories; 10 Collectible Speedruns Infinite Onslaught Objective Mode

You can find more information on these categories over at:

##Discussion forums for Killing Floor 2 Killing Floor 2 Category Extensions board

Killing Floor 2 Individual Levels board

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Ontario, Canada

All Runs that had a valid video for collectible runs should now all be moved over to the new Extensions Board. If you had a run that was rejected during this process I did indicate the reason to be that it was moved after I manually added them from the information provided from the original submissions. Should there be a question or concern regarding this change or moving of the runs feel free to contact me directly. <3

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