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So, I was curious what exactly the rules are about, say, announcing when you're going to stream here is like. I have the itch to stream my adventures in practicing KH FM today, and would like to openly welcome anyone to slide into chat and give tips n' tricks at their discretion. So I'm curious if there's any formal way of doing that here in the forum, or perhaps just in general.

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There is no place for promoting yourself on this site (doing so in the forums is a good way to get your account banned for annoyance). You can get your stream to appear on the Streams page on srcom provided your twitch is linked and you have a PB in the game you’re streaming.

The KH discord has a place where people’s streams get auto posted (provided they are at least semi part of the community) but that’s really the only place.

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Ah, fair enough. Thank you.