So since we know how to do the Save Corruption to Orbs, defeating Aqua's final bosses again in "Final Episode", then making a new Secret Episode save immediately afterwards which makes it to where Realm of Darkness has a lower Battle Level than normal and saves probably around 1:40 to almost 2 minutes, does anyone think LV1 RoD RTA (Save Corruption) should be a different category than LV1 RoD RTA (No Save Corruption)?


Since RoD hasn't had much competition, I personally think it doesn't make sense to make two separate categories.


I don't think a new category needs to be made. I would treat this essentially as a 'route change'. Especially since it's not hard to replicate, runners who have times in this category can easily create a new file set up for it.

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I don't see a legitimate reason to separate categories. Although it is a major discovery in the category, it's just another time saver. The only changes to the category from what I understand is the battle level, making the mob fights faster/easier. If anything, it sounds like we would be making a new category just for the sake of making a new category. Personally, I'm not a big fan of that mindset, so I vote no.

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Ditto to what the others have said so far.

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Echoing everyone else's sentiments, it shouldn't be it's own category for reasons already stated - it's not like it's skipping a huge portion of the RTA (like CoR Skip did) so it's just a new route with a new glitch.

If anything this opens up the category for even more routing ideas since the deck Sonic used in this run isn't even optimal for ROD, so routing it to try and beat the Aqua file with the most optimal deck for ROD so you have it allows for even crazier times.

But I digress.


Instead of adding a new category why don't you just add another type of variable to submitting a run for Save Corruption/no Save Corruption. that way it's the same category but there'll still be a person clearly at the top for those who don't use save corruption since every one who doesn't use it would have no put next to their run. this would also mean though that anyone who's serious about the category but don't wanna use save corruption wouldn't get to place in the actual top spots I assume because save corruption would instantly save more time over no corruption. anyway I just thought I'd mention adding a variable as an option that way we could still mention it in the LB for it but not actually create a separate category.

Not saying this is what you should do but it's an idea

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I completely forgot that you can add another type of variable.That actually sounds like a good idea to where you would have a "Yes" or a "No" to the Save Corruption variable. So yeah, what does everyone think about the idea of adding a "Save Corruption" variable for LV1 RoD RTA?


I don't understand why anyone wouldn't use this trick though. The only reason to add might be to show old runs don't have it but I'm not sure even that's necessary. It would be a better alternative to a category though.


well it does mean a lower battle level right? it does make things significantly easier if I recall. Some people may not like that, so some may not wanna use it. not that it may not still be a challenge but the difference in times is very apparent and atleast this way we could still have people doing runs without using it but it wouldn't create separate categories.


Honestly should just differentiate the ones that didn't use the save corruption. It's not a big deal doing that than making a completely different category. Im with adding the variable of "yes" or "no" to the save corruption cause it just seems like a hassle having to do all that.


I guess I could see the setup being a bit tedious to do the save corruption, but I think it should still stay 1 category. I like the Yes/No variable, sounds like a good idea.


I'm for no ban. The Yes/No variable looks like a good idea though.


After thinking about it some more, Im gonna agree with the idea to separate the category as if it has multiple difficulties.

Like with 1.5. You have the category of "Any%" and underneath that you have basically sub-categories of Beginner, Standard, Proud and Level 1. These sub-categories all have the same basic goal, the difference is the route and the route only differs because of the different level of difficulty (turning each of them into essentially different runs).

With Save Corruption, we are, essentially, creating two difficulties for ROD RTA - one easy (Save Corruption), one hard (No Save Corruption). Where each of these runs follow the same basic goal, they just have different routes based on difficulty. So this was a really long winded way of me saying I think we should keep ROD RTA as a single category, just divide it into two subcategories of Save Corruption and No Save Corruption.

That way people who want to do the glitch can, and it won't affect the times of people who want the added challenge of doing it without corrupting the save.

Hopefully this post made sense and is in line with the idea that Faizing proposed and what others are saying about the "Yes/No" variable.


Except the difficulty doesn't change. Correct me if I am wrong but in BBS battle levels aren't affected my difficulty. Crit and Proud technically have the same battle levels. So in this case I feel like we would end up like Gold Crown when the skip was found. People are suggesting a different category but do we really NEED 2 RoD categories? The yes/no idea seems perfect to me just because of how simple it is to implement and how effective it is.

The whole idea of using two significant different routes exists in many game that people speedrun. Take a look at the Sonic Adventure LB. They have a form, like the yes/no one, were you select what route you used. Even though some routes are faster they aren't different categories. I understand this is a totally different game but it is still an example of the yes/no suggestion being used correctly.

At the end of the day though, I don't run the category myself so I also believe it should be up to the people who run it to decide.

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Im not saying the difficulty changes, that was only an example. I think we're talking the same thing, both of us are just wording it differently.

You'd still be doing it on Crit Level 1 and that wouldn't change.

My proposal just has the two routes (SC vs NSC) separated like we do on 1.5 with Any% (beginner vs. standard. vs proud)

Similar to that, but in this case we'd have RoD RTA (Critical Level 1) as the category and you can tab between Save Corruption or No Save Corruption


The only people that I know of who currently runs the category at the moment is Moon and myself for right now.


I think LV1 RoD RTA (Save Corruption) should be a different category.
I knew the opinion that it doesn't make sense to make two separate categories because of less play population.
But I think that bug is different from random nunber.

It is not pragmatic idea to separate category?

Game mode affect boss batte's time, so use another command.
Using bug is not intended action, so I think it comparable for game mode difference.


I understand the separation of it though cause even if it is a arbitrary category, It's like how CoR Skip is banned in CoR RTA. Or how Gold Crown with CoR Skip was made into a separate category even tho not many people run it.

¤Edit¤ Nvm about the CoR Skip in CoR RTA forgot about the ending part of it. Lol my b


Since you are corrupting your save to force the game to give you a lower battle level it should really be its own category, to me it doesn't matter if people run it or not but due to the circumstances of how to activate this it really should be another category.

I will understand if you just add the variable but I really do feel like this "glitch" is too major to mix in with the older runs.

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