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Ok. So KH: BBS isn’t my main speed running game. But it’s something I enjoy doing. I’m not sure if the route I take is obsolete or not. But the route I take includes using magnera and Cinderella’s d-link enchanted steps I think it is. To get super glide early. Again not sure if that is an obsolete route or not. But I was wondering whether their was an different route I could take that would be as effective. Any help would be appreciated

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The only category where getting Superglide early is used is Ventus Critcal Level 1 Any% and it only saves a few seconds over the rest of the run, since we don't put it on till OC since an extra menu right after grabbing it would make it slower so we put it on in an existing menu.

I personally don't do it in PB attempts but always do it in marathons to show it off.

Also to note it is probably slower on PS3 due to the D-Link load.


You CANNOT grab it in Ventus Beginner Any% as we need to be using Exp Walker for basically the whole run and Superglide bypasses walking so we don't gain any Exp from it.


Thank you. I am terrible at that trick. And I do venture critical lvl 1.