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I've read online that even after you upgrade stats after a certain point, it won't actually change anything, (or something like that I think) so let's say for example if you upgrade stats to 200, even though it says 200, it matches the dmg of 150. What are the max stats before it stops actually changing? I've heard it's in the 160 range, but I wasn't sure.

Also, are these the stats that get used in Data Org Critical runs or is something else used? I haven't looked too far into it but I want to start running it soon.

Edit: Also are these the same for Donald and Goofy? I know it doesn't matter much but for personal interest and curiosity, if someone could let me know that too, that'd be great.


iirc Stats Boost don't matter once your stats reach 80, but I'm not 100% sure about that. And for Data Org runs, stats boosts are allowed in every category except for level 1, where only AP boosts are allowed