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This will be discussed between the 2FM mods and we'll reply with an unanimous post on the matter.


We've decided to allow burned 2FM copies for the PS2 to be submitted to the Learderboards, as long as they remain unpatched. After discussion, we believe that as long as the game does NOT have the English patch, it will be eligible for Leaderboard submission. After runs of this description are submitted, it is now mandatory that it is stated in the run's description if the run was performed on a burned disc. This will allow us to monitor burned disc runs to look for any differences that would differentiate it from original versions. This will be revisited, once more information on the topic is acquired and/or a player's times on a burned disc nears the WR mark.

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A little late to this, but if the root of your problem is swap magic, what does a burned disc solve? Unless there's a PS2 mod I'm not aware of, you're not gonna play a burned disc without the use of Swap Magic or some other mod chip installed. Unless you mean your 2FM disc is bad and not spinning all the time.