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@LiquidWiFi If we ever consider to ban CoR skip which I think we'll never do since I know most people are against it, we would ofc ask runners who routed Gold Crown for their opinions. Thanks for your post.


Also I love how almost everybody says nothing about the forum post and starts arguing about something we mods haven't even talked about 😃


People will usually talk about the stuff the disagree with rather than the stuff they agree with in these scenarios (I don’t mean that in a rude way btw, I would take it that most people agree with what you posted in the OP, hence why nobody openly disagreed with anything).

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@Timmiluvs yeah I get that. It's just a shame that we want to try to make everything better and suddenly this forum post gets out of hand. It kinda frustrates me cause we put a lot of time and thought into everything. I guess it's fine now and hopefully the situation cools down a bit

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Bit late to reply sorry

I missed KBMs deleted message so I won’t reply to that here.

@CrystalCrown13 Just so you’re aware I didn’t think that decisions would be made without consulting runners. I don’t think yourself and the other mods would do that, but I wanted to emphasise the point of talking to runners.

It definitely was irrational to jump to the idea of it being banned straight away, and they was an error on my part so I apologise.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread. I’m excited to see all the extended category’s be put into play. I think they are all really good ideas. Props to yourself and the mod team for that 👍

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The deleted one was just poorly worded, and then I thought of a better way to phrase it and posted again. Which was also poorly worded at first.

My two cents, I super disagree with Data Org being put in Misc. The idea of having "it starts at the start of the game" is appealing for organization, but if some potential runner wanders into the boards looking for a category to run, I would want them to see Data Org right at the top next to Any% and All Worlds because it's one of the most popular and most loved


Hi, please don't add "%" to category names where it doesn't make sense.
e.g. "Puzzle%" should be "All Puzzles" (or similar). Same with the others.


@JHobz you are completely right! Messed up when I was writing that thanks. We are gonna be careful and if you see something that's odd please tell me or the rest of the mod team 😃


All Ass has so far been a run that beats the game, I don't personally think that needs to be changed.

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My fullfleshed opinion on this as my other posts have mainly been about the CoR skip thing.

All changes under FIRST seem ot be good addition in my opinion. All of these seem fine, eventhough I am not quite understanding yet where other categories that start at the title screen (Like Plat RTA) will go now. Will they be added as normal categories? Or maybe moved to CE? I myself don't understand it to much. I think you guys are intending to move out of miscellaneous into the normal board but it doesn't seem to be clear to me.

As SECOND seems to be opinion on categories I'll just give my personal opinion on each.

Puzzle% sounds like a good idea. I've seen several people doing the category and it makes for creative ways of exploring the worlds. It is kind of similar to Most Worlds, but not exactly the same.

All Super Bosses doesn't seem like a good idea if I understand it correctly. It isn't clearly defined how the category works so my understanding is you start the game and continue playing until you defeat the final Superboss and then stop the timer. If that is the case it is basically Gold Crown.
If it is supposed to be something like Data Org then I guess this might be a decent CE addition.

Keyblade% sounds like a bad category to me. This category is literally all worlds while adding Mushrooms and Synth. I don't really see a reason to add that

Bronze Crown is debateable to me. If people will run it sure, why not. But I have the feeling it might turn out like Silver Crown and won't be ran by more than 1 person if at all.

Most Worlds sounds good. I like this and can definetely see people (myself included) doing this one.

Underdrome RTA will probably be Lv 99 and Lv 1? This isn't clearly stated yet, probably cause it is a draft for the category idea, but I personally don't really care about this being added.

100 Acre Woods RTA sounds silly to me. I don't understand why KH3 has it and I don't see why KH2 would include it.

All ASS should be added, no doubt from me.

No Abilities (And no Menu regarding Blitz post) don't seem like they would get any runs done to me either. I don't see why we should add those. I can see Crystal, Sid and maybe Logic doing a few runs of it but that's it. However considering my general attitude towards adding categories it would fit into the requirements so that would be fine.

However, a few people might've heared me saying that before, I think categories shouldn't be added prematurely. It was done before on 1FM and I don't think that is a good idea personally. Something like a 2 or 3 runner rule would in my opinion be the best solution.

For LASTLY I believe there used to be more guides but some of them got lost with the merge so a revival would be good to see, same with resources.
And rules are generally something that has to be reworked sometimes.
To take KH1 as an example: A lot of the rules were ambigious, not precise enough or straight up wrong (JJ requiring two different difficulties for Standard/Proud for example) so clearing up stuff like that is a good thing, even if it is something smaller.


@desa3579 Platinum Trophy RTA would probably be it's own tab like Any% on the main game website.But we'll debate that once feedback is over (even though I think that it doesn't make sense to put it in CE since it's only for fun categories like Puzzle%) Misc is gonna stay were it is, we just want to re-work it a little bit since we felt it's a little bit all over the place (like the rest of the website lol).

We'll also consider about the 2/3 runner rule which makes sense for sure. Also, like I said before, we will not add categories prematurely and without proper feedback. These categories are just ideas and have a chance to either being put in the main KH2 website or in CE, which means that we'll not add every single idea most likely. Thanks for your feedback 😃


Oh no, I understood the feedback thing. My points on every category was supposed to serve to that exact purpose, basically my opinion on every single category.
I understand that these are ideas that won't be added just like that

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@RioPeace I agree but then that would make Puzzles end after Final Xemnas for consistency.


I think the new mods are all pragmatic enough to differentiate between a meme category request and a legitimate one This website is THE place for collecting speedrun achievements, and if someone wants their accomplishment included in our collective history, inclusion is better imo. I absolutely understand the concern, but the "2 or 3 runners" rule seems like a guard against something that has never actually happened with this game. Or maybe when speedrunning first got started there was a flood of categories that people wanted to have on here, but I mean when was the last time someone actually asked to add a category? We're not exactly overwhelmed with runners right now either, there's what, five people who submit runs for this game right now?


@KBM It is true that the numbers for 2FM are pretty low right now. I still believe however there should be a '2 run rule' for each category. We're all for giving people categories to run and provide variety to the KH2 Scene, however I personally do not wish to add categories that people dislike and/or not going to be run. In my opinion, If people enjoy the idea of a category then they should show that by running it. Hopefully we can bring some people back to the scene doing it this way.

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I hear you, but that brings back the question, is that even happening? Is there some place where bad categories are being requested that I'm not aware of? I don't know if that's a real issue. I could be completely wrong though.

Also, in the past I have been called arrogant and elitist for wanting to be consulted on things that affect me, so it's nice to see that's no longer the case.


All Puzzles was requested a little while ago by Civo If I recall correctly. Besides that I don't think there have been any category requests for a while. I may be wrong and might of missed an exchange about a new category, but Civo's All Puzzles is the only one that comes to mind. With the trial of all these categories however we have requested that people come forward with their own ideas for categories. Once requested, they will be reviewed by the community and will follow a similar trial as these categories are going through, if they receive a good amount of attention from the community.