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Recently i have gotten back into playing KH 2. I have a good grasp on the mechanics of the game and i would like to do a challenge run of the game. The challenge is to beat as much of the game blindfolded as possible. I was wondering if anyone else has attempted to do this before and if people would be willing to help me put notes together. As of now i have day 1 and 2 routed out to a certain degree.


People did Roxas world blindfolded as a joke a while ago.

I think the consensus was that it was a good, silly 1 off thing but doing any more of the game was going to be too unpleasant. Most of the difficult comes from the fact that this game isn’t great about sound cues or having different sounds for different things (like walking on grass vs pavement). Also movements might be tricky since there isn’t a super easy way to turn at 90 degree angles. But all of that could probably be worked around with enough patience and practice.

By all means try it (I think someone recently did KH1 Blindfolded), but I don’t think you’ll get much helpful info since nobody has really taken it serious or figured out strats or anything.