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Hello everyone!

We have been considering the LB layouts with the addition of the new categories and we added them to the main page ONLY for the meantime. We have come up with a new LB layout that we all think will make the Main/Misc./ CE page look clean and easily digestible.

Main Board - Any% | All Worlds | Gold Crown | JJ
Misc. - Every category that doesn't start on the title screen
CE - everything else that starts on the title screen.
(All ASS/Most Worlds/Silver Crown/All Puzzles/All Super Bosses/Plat)

Having the main board holding the defining categories of 2FM will allow for new runners to see popular & fun categories that the game is known for.

Having misc. hold categories that start from a save point show runners unique categories that stand out vs categories that start on the main screen.

Having CE hold everything else will revive the CE page and allows the main page to look neat and proper. The definition we're going by to put these categories in CE, is the fact they are either slightly extended or slightly shortened from the big 4 on the main page.

Most worlds = slightly shortened all worlds
Plat% = slightly extended JJ

We also wish to remove 100% from the leaderboards due to the fact that it has not been ran. it was moved to misc. and has been left there ever since. We don't see the point of having it on the boards, due to it's history (or lack of) and because JJ is a more fitting '100%'

We are welcoming any ideas and/or changes you would like to see. We want the LBs to be as clean and as professional as possible, so any constructive input will be valued.

- KH2 Mod Team

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