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Sorry if this isn't the right spot to ask this question, but seemed to be a good place to start as it is still semi-related to KH speedrunning.

I use to frequently visit the Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix HD leaderboards ( ), but stopped for personal reasons. Now that I've come back, I've noticed that link, which was the same bookmark I used, now leads me to a dead page. Where did it go? Where would someone go now to submit a run on this game?

Edit: I realize now there's an entire page for the entire KH series I could have posted on, my bad. I'll leave it here and repost it there if no answer is given here or requested to by Moderators.


A while back all of the kingdom Hearts 2 final mix leaderboards where combined into this one. You can find different games (original fm , fm hd, etc) by selecting the sub category for the respective console. If you are looking for the PS3 kh2 fm hd, you can find it by clicking "misc" and then selecting either ps3 jp or ps3 eng. Hope this is what you were looking for.

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