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I've been watching Speedruns of tons of games for years now but I've never actually gotten into speedrunning myself until recent. With that being said kh2 is one of my favorite games of all time and I had a few questions about it. Mostly regarding level 1 data org.

Where do I find the rules for speedrunning the game in general?

What kind of recording do I need for valid runs?

P.s. can all the mushrooms be beat level 1? P.s.P.s. why use all draw rings instead of accessories with stats?

Any info would be greatly appretiated thanks! 🙂


For each category, rules can be seen on the "View Rules" button at the top right of the leaderboards. For the runs, you need to have a full recording of it without any cuts in the video, there's no need to have a timer on the video anymore. Yes, mushrooms can be done at level 1 without stat boosts but with very specific strats. And about the Draw Rings, afaik the stats you get from the accessories are not good enough to surpass the damage floor, meaning you'll keep doing the same damage because of how scaling works, so it's better to have Draw Rings to grab more of the MP drops that Demyx's water clones give, as you'll need to use Megalixers less frequently.

Hopefully that answers all of your questions, and welcome to the communitty! 😃

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I also recommend joining the discord (you can find it likes at the series level) because that place is much more active than here and people will often get you faster answers to your questions over the forums.

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