Data Organization RTA - PS2, LV1 in 24m 29s by Spider0008Spider0008 (Obsolete)

Really good run. I don't think I can get PB anytime soon unless new strats are found.

Equipped 3 Shock Charm +'s in this run. Almost all of the fights went pretty well, especially Final Xemnas and Xigbar.

Xaldin: Average, can save a second if good FF damage
Luxord: Perfect fight
Axel: Perfect, good Reflega damage
Marluxia: Perfect fight
Roxas: Perfect, if you don't mess up until defeat Marluxia in most case Roxas should do 1 spin + spin attack, 2 spin + spin attack, 1 spin + spin attack, and The End is shown at 4th slot, so I used Thundaga, and didn't pause buffer
Vexen: Perfect fight
Xemnas: Decent, messed up combo once, lost 2-3 seconds
Final Xemnas: Perfect luck, he didn't break out
Lexaeus: Perfect fight
Saix: Went well
Larxene: Was really lucky, missed using Reflega after beginning combo and got hit by her Thunder but she did split attack immediately after that. Perfect otherwise
Demyx: Average 1st waves of clones, solid Demyx part, good 2nd waves of clones
Zexion: Near perfect
Xigbar: Got a Best Segment (1:35.48), this is the best fight in this run

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