KH2FM Data Org Requirements
KH2FM Data Org Requirements
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Level 99 ( double exp boost while climbing TWTNW ) Gull Wing ( from talking to the gullwings after completing HB3 ) Experience Boost ( level 7 with the Dream Rod, 9 with the Dream Sword, and 17 with the Dream Shield ) Fenrir ( Defeating Sephiroth ) Negative Combo (level 36 with the Dream Rod, 44 with the Dream Sword, and 73 with the Dream Shield ) 4 Shock Charm + ( Shock Charm recipe from AS Larxene ) Bond of Flame ( Axel fight in TT3 ) Final Form ( obtainable as soon as you defeat Roxas in the story, best place to get final form is restarting until you get it in the Cerberus cup after completing OC1 ) Farm Living Bones with Lucky Lucky to get elixir drops 80 Strength ( power boosts from data Xemnas ) 80 Magic ( Magic Boosts from either data roxas or data axel ) 65 Defense or more ( you should get this while leveling ) 117 AP or more ( you should get this while leveling but you can get more if you feel you don't have enough ) 9 Drive Gauges ( Barbossa, Hostile Program, Sephiroth, AS Marluxia, Final Xemnas, Lingering Will ) 4 Armor Slots ( defeating Beast in BC1, defeating Demyx before FF fights ) 4 Accessory Slots ( Minnie escorts, defeating the Hyena's in PL2 ) 8 item slots ( barrels in PR1, defeating Oogie in HT1, defeating LSB in HT2, Zexion AS fight in OC, defeating nobody fight 3 before entering the Garden of Assemblage ) All tier 3 magic Firaga ( bailey fight in hb1, defeating scar, defeating genie jafar ) Blizzaga ( entering merlins house before bailey fight, defeating demyx, finishing atlantica ) Thundaga ( defeating hydra, defeating storm rider, defeating ground shaker ) Reflega ( defeating Present Pete, defeating Xaldin, defeating MCP ) Magnega ( defeating Oogie, defeating Grim Reaper, defeating Xigbar ) Curaga ( defeating Dark Thorn, after FF fights, completing 100 Acre Wood )

Lucky Rings

4 Manifest Illusion ( Refight Lingering Will) ( Recommended to use Negative Combo Strats to cheese ) 12 Remembrance Shard: Perplex, Iron Hammer, Silent Launcher in CoR 12 Bright Gem: Aerial Knockers in the jungle of Pride Lands after PL2 ( recommended to grind these while doing pride lands 1 since more spawn at that time ) 20 Bright Stone: Tornado Steps in the hallway heading towards the savepoint before the Hades escape room 36 Bright Shard: Hook bats in the cave after completing LoD 2

shock charm + 4 Lost Illusions ( Refight Data Lexaeus ) 4 Remembrance Gems Spring Metal, Runemaster, Mad Ride in CoR 12 Remembrance Stones Aerial Viking, Magic Phantom, Lance Warrior, Necromancer in CoR 4 Tranquility Gems ( from Agrabah 2 mushroom fight in Treasure Room ) 12 Tranquility Stones ( from Agrabah 2 mushroom fight in Treasure Room ) 4 Serenity Crystal ( in chest at either the CoR Mining Area or Engine Chamber ) if anything is missing let me know!