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Hey I'm just now getting into learning to speedrun kh 2 on ps4 and i'm going to do the any% beginner category. Is there a discord I can join to talk and get some help?

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https://discord.gg/nQp8Ue This is the general Kingdom Hearts Speedrun Discord. There are speedrunning channels for the whole series and some casual channels aswell. Enjoy learning the game :)

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oh sweet! thank you im glad to get to join this community!

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Also question. How would i show my splits for getting my roles on the google doc?'

edit: (nvm i think i actually figured it out)

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After a finished run, upload your splits to https://splits.io and/or highlight your run from start to finish (If streamed on twitch). Any kind of proof of learning is also acceptable, but evidence of an attempt is preferred.

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Ah ok thank you because i thought you just needed like the file for it and i... decided to get the file link and put it as the thing... so yeah ill fix that real quick!