Where do I start?
4 years ago
Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Hi, recently I have been very keen to watch speedruns of this game and I decided to dedicate myself to learn how to do it. I finished this game at every difficulty and at LV1 but always casual and I never made a speedrun of no game . So I would ask you where I can find information and help to learn speedrunnig this awesome game! Thank you very much in advance and apologize for my bad English 😅😅


@Gaerys09 yo ! This is a very good Guide made by the current WR holder. It's really detailed and you'll learn a lot. Also I would start out with Beginner so you learn the basics and later on you can switch to more difficult Categories. You can also ask me on Discord or people in the KH Community Discord for help and more informations ^_^

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Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Thank you very much! I hope to have a lot of fun In this adventure and maybe someday see my name in the leaderboard thanks again! ✌ 🏻

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Also, whenever you do your very first run, don't watch the clock. Try to have fun and just 'survive' being a lower level than you would be casually. Everyone's first run in a new game/category is slow, but that shouldn't discourage you from having a second run and learning more and more about the game. :)

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