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Dear KH Community,

Recently I've been talking to a lot of people who seem to agree with Desa's points but were ultimately too afraid to speak up against the mods and bring these issues up themselves as such I'm going to ask the question: Why are you afraid of us?

One of the continuous points I bring up with the community is "Please call us shit" I would much rather you guys be honest with us and tell us when we are doing something wrong than just accepting anything we do and saying good job while secretly insulting us in a random discord or on twitter which we will never see. The mod team are people with feelings but if how I speed run games has taught us anything it is that I personally love inflicting pain upon myself. Receiving honest criticism on how we run the things even if its harsh is the only way we will be able to prevent this exact same scenario from occurring again in 2020.

As such I will be creating a space on each of the KH forums called "Mod feedback corner" where I openly encourage you to communicate any concerns. I will be forcing the moderators to read and check these corners once a week as well as reminding the general public they exist and should be used.

I'm hoping again we can solve this issue and actually have feedback on a rolling basis rather than simply once a year like we currently do.

Thanks for your time

- Drazerk

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There will be more to come in regards to mod communication in the coming days this is just something I want to roll out and trial and see if it helps.

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I'm very much backing up what Draz is saying here. If we're doing a bad job, tell us. We can't address problems if we don't even know they're problems. If they're being brought up to one person and they're not sharing it with the other mods, that's not the whole team's fault, that's that one mod's fault. So please, let the team know if you have any concerns or ideas.

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