Load Times affecting runs
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Load Times affecting runs
Queensland, Australia

A discussion has to be made about the load times between different forms of running the game. I'd like the game to be accessible to all so being able to run the game on alternative ODE or PC emulation should be inclusive. It has become obvious that this is causing some advantages in load times.

Two of the runners are using a Pseudo Saturn Kai and this is giving over a second timesave per level load. I have an original disc on a JP model 1 Saturn and also a Satiator. The Satiator is even faster than the Pseudo Saturn.

So any proposals to make the leaderboard fair will be democratically voted on. I propose we just time the game without load times. I'll let this topic sit for a couple of days but feel free to voice your opinion at any time hereafter.

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Massachusetts, USA

Happy first forum post!

Thanks for bringing this up, Squilibob! I had wonderings about it but have found conflicting reports on loading times from the research I was doing online.

I found a few pages that stated that Satitator in particular was supposed to have identical loading times to optical media due to the specific programing around its emulation. I've also read the opposite, though, that it had faster loading times.

I think the aging hardware is also going to come into play here, too. My US Model 2 Saturn has been very lightly used and has been in storage for a long time. The optical drive isn't worn out yet. But I would assume as the drives succumb to wear and tear, loading times could be affected.

I would be fine with calculating runs without loading times, and would also be open to any other suggestions thereof. Could this be programmed into an autosplitter script? I know we talked briefly about autosplitters during one of my streams, but I know next to nothing about them.

Thanks again for bringing this issue to light!

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Maryland, USA

yeah def on the side of Loadless times being the future of this run


Hi, Last year I installed the MODE ODE on my Saturn, and I stopped running the game because I was afraid that it would be unfair for people using a possibly worn out optical drive. Loadless times are a good thing and it could open the door to emulation runs and allow more people to run it (original game ans hardware can be pretty expensive for that run :/ )

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