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Hey guys...

If you haven't read this yet

I have stepped down from being mod of this game. You guys are in great hands with EBC.

All of you have made this game and community grow so much over the past 4 years, it is truely amazing. And I can't thank you guys enough for what you have done.

Keep pushing this game to its limit, and get that sub 11. I believe in you all.


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❤️ Love ya TruShade. I'm excited to see you in roughly 43 days for SGDQ! You've done a lot for the KDL Community and you were always the person to push me in the game to do better. You were one of the first people I encountered on this strange hobby we call speedrunning and I consider you a very good friend even outside the hobby 🙂

You'll always be remember in this community for the great races and that sick sub12 run at SGDQ 2016.


For those that don't know, TruShade is the sole reason I even started running Extra Mode.

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Hey TruShade, enjoy your break, everybody deserves one once in a while. (He'll be back XD)