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I speedrun the game of course and when I do I play on switch because its mainly the thing I used when I first played and beat the game so I speedrun on handheld mode but the problem with that is sometimes my controller wil fall off because of the way im holding it or ill accidentally mess up because of the holding so i have a question should i download it on pc and train myself on pc so i can beat my pb or should i just stay on switch handheld and find a better way like that?


I personally just prefer to play it docked with a pro controller. In the end it really is about what you’re comfortable with. a single joy con can be just as effective as a pro controller if you’re good enough at it. although kbm does have a few faster strats if that’s your reason for wanting to play on pc.

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Handheld is kind of an awkward way to play imo. If you have a pro controller and a TV, playing with the switch docked should solve several of those issues. If you don't have a pro controller though, downloading the game on pc would probably be cheaper than buying a controller.

That being said, controller vs kbm doesn't matter that much until you get your time down pretty low.

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