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- learn many, if not all, relevant object pickup sizes and gains

- learn to make accurate route improvisations using said size information, which you will eventually be able to make in less time (i.e. while moving at boost speed)

- get a sense of how long travelling somewhere will take without boosting, which will help you decide in the moment whether or not a boost might be worth going for

- improve at difficult unboosted movement segments (there's quite a lot of them in 7-moon)

- gives you a path to gracefully transition to any% by adding in boosts in increasing order of difficulty, based on how much they help or hurt you relative to what you're used to from noboost.

- improve general katamari control. specifically, noboost drastically increases the importance of speed conservation while changing direction and re-accelerating from zero/negative speed after a bonk. it also makes this easier to learn since you don't have to worry about maneuvering at boost speed.

- learn to be patient and calm when playing. this is actually the most important one; that's why it's last. watching someone tiltboost hurts my soul really bad, and you shouldn't do it, and you will become zen by conditioning yourself against boosting

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- i am the only good player of this game (crowd starts booing) the ONLY good player of this game and i think i got decisively better playing no boost for a month


i dont know why i should ttrust you that cetaka guy seems really better at this game

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