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Forum: Pokémon Stadium

Thread: Individual cups?

Started by: GZGZ

Anything that gives any type of LB i'd be fine.

And Challenge Cup pls no, is RNG hell inside RNG Hell

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Forum: Mario Kart DS

Thread: Flashcard load times are faster than normal

Started by: Max28Max28

I know it is a fair old thread, but I think you can still enforce video submissions and the runs that doesn't have them would still be shown on the LBs

Also if loading times are significant for RTA, you can go the same route some games did and separate the lbs like console, console + flashcart, emu and VC (i don't know if softmodded vc is even faster)


Forum: Donkey Kong Country

Thread: PB without video

Started by: LukinhaLukinha

Not sure why this shows as from 3 years ago (lol), but the reason being was that in the Wiki LBs, video usually was not necessary and we won't be enforcing it.

However, we do have on the games rules that videos submitted without video that are better than a certain time (I don't remember the exact times, but basically good times) will be removed.


Forum: Pokémon Stadium

Thread: Individual cups?

Started by: GZGZ

Just seeing this and I would like to see at least on misc categories, something for individual cups categories, which I would probably even grind for them.

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Forum: Disney's Aladdin (GBA)

Thread: Enforce GBA Bios on Emu runs + no frame skip

Started by: kalarsekalarse

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if it could be possible to enforce the usage of the GBA Bios and not using Frame Skip to get into Start Game faster.

From what I know (and I'm getting more information), not having GBA Bios set up on the emu makes the emu run games a bit faster than intended.

Also banning the frame skip to get into main menu faster avoids any suspicion that a runner who is playing on emu might be using turbo for brief moments.

Edit: I was shown this thread as example of research on how using the Bios improve emulation https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​knidl/​thread/​3rnvd

(This is no means wanting do disqualify any run, but if this game gets competition, would be a good way to make it as fair as possible as I'm not gonna make everyone buy a GameCube with Game Boy Player and the game when I use an Everdrive)


Forum: Disney's Aladdin (SNES)

Thread: Legal Emulators

Started by: B34RGURZB34RGURZ

I'm no mod, but I'd say you should be fine as per https:/​/​www.​smwcentral.​net/​?p=section&a=details&id=5681 it says it uses Snes9x 1.53 and newer, and even BSNES core.

Although to be safe, I'd use the Snes9X and not ZMZ, as it can lead to mistakes.


Forum: Aero Fighters

Thread: Doubleplay category

Started by: Sergio_ManetiandoSergio_Manetiando

Tfw not reading the rules nor the notes 🙁


Forum: The Site

Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

WARNING: Wall text incoming

Ok all, normally I don't enter this forum, but being a member of the DKC community, it was noticed that some people have requested for a time that was removed to be reinstated.

To start, the time removal wasn't due cheating or dubious gameplay. It is known for a fact that said runner never cheated on his runs. However, the removal of his time is due a different story which should've been discussed beforehand (and is something as a community is a mistake that happened).

I'm only the messenger, therefore I'm only giving an info that comes from not being at the event where everything happened and having the learn about everything after it occurred.

So, for those who don't know, Stew_ was banned from AGDQ2019. People reported him committing harassment to other members of the DKC community, which knowing the ones affected I can only trust them that everything is legit.

(For anyone who wants to read about everything, there is a Google Docs that compiles everything: )

Fast forward to the last weekend. Stew legally got WR in DKC3 103%, which brought up the discussion if he should or not be allowed to post times to the LBs (again, that discussion should've been when GDQ ban happened, but that is something we can discuss other day). After long 3 days discussion, the community decided that the runner would have his name redacted and requested raw gameplay to be provided. One of the community mods (who, same as me, didn't attend AGDQ2019, therefor, was neutral to everything), was the middle man between the community decision and Stew. He denied and decline the request and community decision. Therefor his times were removed as no agreement between the parts could be reached.

I hope this explains the situation of Stew's times. I'm not a mod, but I've been an active member of the community for a while now (I could say about 3 years), therefor I know anything that is being discussed and community decisions.

I won't get into arguments that if the leaderboards are a public space or not, but in my opinion sr.c provide communities a space to have a leaderboard without going into a hassle of creating one from scratch, but anything is a decision of each game's community, therefore that one should be respected.

Edit: minor edit cause somehow when clicking on the link it adds the ) in the end, providing errors. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Edit 2: minor vocabulary change cause reasons

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Forum: Micro Mages

Thread: Categories for Micro Mages?

Started by: devinbrodie25devinbrodie25

Yeah, Beat the Game (2 Loops) as the main category, then anything else could enter a misc one

Also pls remember no one stops you from doing that category even if no LB is up yet

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Forum: Mario Kart DS

Thread: Best Character/Kart Combination?

Started by: kalarsekalarse

Checking the new guide which tells which are the best karts for snaking (and the stage to practice them, while also having watched Keverage's run at AGDQ using ROB which actually I was shocked (considering I was used to see some vods with either Dry Bones or Yoshi) triggered the question in the title.


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