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No power up% both any and 100%

That's I could come up with for now...XD


You can't get 100% without powerups, since some shard require powerups. I did a run once that got as many shards as possible powerless, but the lightbulb one in 2-4 was a nightmare.


Ah I see thanks for the tip. Btw love ur any% run man I'm using it as a guide for my run.


How about any% but where you have to beat the game in under 59 minutes?


I like ur thinking bro


Boss Battles for misc


Lol this is the best forum


Oh I got it... So in the dedede levels u have to break shit right? Well. how about u have to play all dedede levels (do it on a completed file so u can pick each level and destroy EVERYTHING! Enemies, pillars, you name it... We can can it...dedede destruction%


Hell why not the entire game where u have to kill every single enemy in the game at least once. We can call how about Kirby chaos%


Hell I got another one. Get the fire sword at the beggining from the fire and cutter at the start of the game and play the game using that.... Call it weeaboo% (cause like swords and shit are everywhere in sounded like a cool idea.


Fridge% is always fun. People also request rock/cutter% and rock/stone% 😛


Is fridge% the Rock and cutter? Or rock/stone?




Fridge% would be great for Misc. I've thought about Any% Double-Power as a meme category.


I'd love to see a legit run of Powerless. As far as "meme" runs, Throwing Star Only would be fun lol


We should compete in the puddle jumping minigame for the best time. I would love to try out Fridge% as well a boss rush


There's a leaderboard on cyberscore for 100-Yard Hop:

I also have a 1p4c video whose times I didn't submit to the leaderboards:

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I was planning on doing a powerless so having it on the leaderboards would be cool! I want it but really'd rather it now show but collecting all the cards is another options!


i'm a fan of no power-up any%, though it might be simpler to call it vanilla%.