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Unfortunately, I have not yet moved into a new place, so I don't think I'll have a gaming/streaming setup ready for the marathon. Sorry my dude.


I have no preference between SDA & SRL timing. I just chose SDA initially because the SDA run was the only one I was familiar with when I began running the game.

The only problem that could come up is if a runner does not mash through the opening cutscenes. In that case, SRL timing would penalize the runner for something they had no incentive to do with SDA timing. If that problem isn't present in any of the leaderboard's current runs, then by all means, go with whatever y'all deem best.

I doubt anyone really cares, but if either of y'all are curious - I'll still be around and keeping an eye on this stuff. I just figured y'all would be more motivated mods, so I handed it over.


First off, cool weird find and thank you for sharing it here. This kind of manipulation is always interesting.

That said, I'd like to get more opinions from people invested in the game before I verify/reject any runs that include this. I'll try to give a comprehensive rundown of the options this presents.

1. Allow this exploit without changing the category rules or timing methods
This would essentially keep everything the same (for any%, Deathless would be clarified to All Levels), but everyone could just skip level 2 and cut their time by ~70 seconds. The setup required for the exploit would not be considered "part of the run".

2. Allow this exploit, but change the timing method to "power on" and TASers use.
This would fall in line with the "anything goes" mentality of any%. You'd be allowed to set up the exploit, but that setup would count against your time. Problems with this: (a) I'm pretty sure the time it takes to set up the exploit is longer than the time it takes to beat level 2 and (b) all runs currently on the leaderboards would need to be re-timed, which would either be impossible (VOD doesn't begin with power on) or unfair (runner didn't mash through the menus because they weren't part of the timing). Save-states & fast-forwarding in an emulator would obviously not be allowed.

3. Some form of new category
This would allow people who want to use it to use it, but would keep it separate from other runs. I'm personally opposed to this, just because we would end up with three categories that are all very similar to each other. This would also just lead to another debate of which category is truly "any%".

4. Disallow pre-run exploits like this
Ban it, essentially.

I'm pretty strongly opposed to options 2 & 3 for the reasons I stated. I'm also opposed to option 1 because (a) it wastes the runners' time, (b) it doesn't really add anything cool/enjoyable/entertaining to the timed run itself for a viewer, and (c) the "time savings" would really only be an artificial product of the timing method.

So, I'd support banning this, but I'm open to counter-arguments. I just don't think the "just go fast" excuse applies here.


Sorry, didn't see that this til now. I still have it, so you can either DM me your address and I'll mail it to ya, or hold off until the next NASA/whatever we both attend.

If you don't like either of those options, you can find em for less than $3 on ebay. Just let me know.


Oh man, you mean this section, for example? - when the sprite is just kinda hanging there? If so, I've never thought about that being a variable.

And you're sure the time difference is related to loading times rather than whatever was causing the slow orbs? (sorry for being out of the loop, but I missed that find as well)


Just to clarify for those of us that weren't in the discord - is this trying to eliminate the randomness of the fast/slow orbs at the checkpoints? When you say "before the start of a level" - is that referring to the entire overworld area where you choose the level? (if so, that would remove the "finish as far to the right as possible" strategy from the first boss)


Added a Nintendo DS Lite charger. It was found in my room (230) but it apparently doesn't belong to any of us (cfb, lurk, cook)


>NOTE: Due to protection of routes, the videos for this category will not be made public, as it includes challenges and bonus levels, and you can't see other people's replays ingame either.

For those unfamiliar to speedruns of this game, can you explain why this is in place for the 100% and All Levels+ categories? What are the routes being protected from?


edit: threads locked now, but I just wanna say, based solely on this thread, y'all were pretty cool about it. Gave your reasoning, listened to the other side, talked it over and were willing to change it in the end. Good on ya.

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Cook's everdrive was recovered. I have the rest of the items. I'll be checking this thread, but you can tweet at me as well to make sure I know I have your item.


The water fountain in the lobby looks like it has push-bars on the front and sides, but only the bar on the front actually makes water come out. The so-called push-bars on the sides are purely cosmetic. Very frustrating.

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- Phillips in-ear earbuds
- white micro-usb cable
- HDMI cable
- RCA audio splitter
- 3.5mm extension cable
- DVI cable
- green board game hexagon things (withhelde?)

- Sony headphones (claimed, Messenger)
- N64 (claimed, Moofin)
- Nintendo DS Lite charger (Lurk)
- PlayStation (1/2) composite cable (claimed, AlecK47)


Run: Disney's Aladdin (Genesis)

Required equipment: Sega Genesis, Game, Controller, CRT

Equipment I will bring: Game & Controller. I can bring a model 2 system if necessary.

Dates i will be attending: May 19th-24th

Can the marathon use my equipment for other runs: Yes


Run: BattleTanx: Global Assault (N64)

Required equipment: N64, Game, Controller, CRT

Equipment I will bring: Game & Controller. I can bring a system if necessary.

Dates i will be attending: May 19th-24th

Can the marathon use my equipment for other runs: Yes, but not controller.


Do we still need a PEXHDCAP or is a different capture method in place?

Also, just want to be sure everything you're counting on from other people is getting there on time. For example, I can still bring the PEXHDCAP and component splitter, but I'm not getting into Chicago O'Hare until an hour and a half before the marathon starts.


For real though, is anyone lined up to program the layouts for the streaming software?


I'll be paying cash at the event as well.

edit: I lied. sent.


Anything in place for putting the layouts together? As of now, we just have the example images.

I don't know the best way of doing it for the streaming software, but i'll work with whoever does, if were using my template


Is there a google sheet/form where we should put that info? forum probably isn't the best medium

1. Yes
2. Most likely the whole schedule
3. N64 and Genesis, both in 4:3 Composite/SVideo/RGB
4. I could, but I thought there was a thread to figure out who was bringing consoles
5. No


"Schedule" tab could be updated


SNES games look better in their native internal resolution of 8:7 IMO. It'd probably be easiest to complete the schedule before exploring all the edge cases. But yeah, they'll be easy enough to implement.

Thanks for the feedback, y'all. I'm not gonna tinker with too many minor changes just yet, since we're months out and other designs may pop up. Best to just find the right "look & feel" at this point.


Thanks, Lanayru

Glaedr - Your concern about the eye-popping colors was the big thing for me when I put that together. Wanted to make sure the gameplay was always the focus, so I tried to stick to a decent looking, but easy-to-ignore color scheme. Some sort of country icon could go next to the runner name, though.

As for the border around the camera - you're right, and it crossed my mind when I looked at them again today. Would probably just go one way or the other, rather than a mix of both. Probably the solid border like you said.


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