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For those who aren't on the Discord server, this will come as sudden news, but the game is now officially divided between glitchless (No Glitches) and Glitched runs. By default, all current runs have been tagged as Glitched.
If your top run is a currently a glitched run but you would like to submit a glitchless run, now is the time to do so. As I write this, I am about to head to bed, and I'm prepared to wake up tomorrow to verify a lot of runs.
This is also your time to try and quickly grind out the best glitchless time you can, for those of you who have used glitches from the start (if you're interested in doing so, of course).

---Quick FAQ for questions I've anticipated---

Q: How do I know which category my run is?
A: If your run uses any glitches, including DD, Skip Bunnies, and any future glitches discovered, it will have to be in Glitched. This does mean that Skip Bunnies runs will be grouped in with DD runs, since defining runs individually per-glitch would fragment the leaderboard too small.

Q: My run doesn't use glitches, but is under Glitched. What gives?
A: Part of my agenda when I wake up is to go through existing runs and double-check where they belong. If you see your run in the wrong category, do not fret, simply wait a day or two and check back again. Once everything is in the right place, you won't have to worry about it again.

Q: Why?
A: This decision came from a surprisingly large number of the Discord server members agreeing that a glitchless category would be preferred. If you want to reliably voice your own opinion for future site changes, I heavily suggest joining the server at https://discord.gg/ZKE4TgBBDv

Q: What about pending runs?
A: I will fix the tagging for the runs that were waiting verification before the change, it shouldn't be a problem at all

Feel free to ask further questions on this thread, I just wanted to post a full announcement so that everyone who isn't on the server would be informed as well.
Happy dodging!~


Cool just submitted one!


i tried to but did terrible and I had school


Yeah I submitted a couple


Yoooo love the new leaderboard


But also there is a new strategy/glitch we use in hard% where we skip the second phase so if you wanted to include that you could but you don't have to.


What's exactly is DD?


Double Damage glitch

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