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Now that the final patch has been released, there are some times that are impossible to reach on the current leaderboards.

Can we get an archived leaderboard for the sum of previous patches and new sections for the current patch with the 3 second exit delay?

Right now it feels like a deterrent to allow runs that abuse bugs that don't exist anymore.

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As I said on Discord - I am not removing those runs. During last week I introduced a version variable and spent like 4 hours trying to tag every run that was done on versions 2.21 / 2.2 / 2.3 / 2.4 (done based of submission date) when the KO glitch was available. What will happen if I hear no objects, is this variable will most likely be set to be a sub category... so runs submitted before or after are not put in the same bag. Question is whatever it will be 3 sub categories or 2.

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