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I am very new in speedrun activities.
Sorry if the idea has been raised before, I was wondering why there was no "Default Loadout & Starting Location" category?
I see speedrunning as both a high-skilled performance, and a pleasure to watch for the viewer. In my opinion (but not just mine 😃 ), the 20-30 seconds runs, starting close to the targets, and sniping or using bombs to instantly kill, sometimes through walls/floor/ceiling, or making diversions, thanks to gear you already start with is clearly not as interesting as starting empty handed and make your way through,using the stuff you find on the way. Why wouldn't we think about adding this category? Now we have : Any%(pro/master) ; SA(pro/master) ; SA/SO(pro/master), I think it would be great adding : DefaultLoadoutAny%(pro/master) ; DefaultLoadoutSA(pro/master) ; DefaultLoadoutSA/SO(pro/master)... what do you think?
Somdy (Raphael)

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It probably will get added eventually seeing as SA/SO Default is the most ran full game category right now.
The current normal SA/SO record also uses default equips, doesn't seem like there's much interest or effort being put into just SA/SO full runs at the moment (which will probably change as well).

No one has really brought it up yet from what I can see which is probably why it hasn't been added yet, people are mostly just grinding IL's right now as the game is still quite new. I definitely agree with you though.

Go watch Moodehh's 13:51 if you want to see a good default run!

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Hi, thank you for your reply and thoughts. Glad you agree with me. Already watched Moodehh's run actually 😉

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Awesome. Happy to see you show interest in the game and hope I get to watch your runs soon.

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I got two at the moment, will be working on Bangkok and Colorado today.


I'm all for that suggestion! I personally love ridiculous strats aswell but in order to have a fair competition, a default category would be a great addition (at least for the full game categories)!