SA - Hitman 2 in 20m 54s by NikolarnNikolarn - 2nd place

Ingame Time (sum of all missions) - 15:32
LiveSplit Time (with loading time and everything) - 20:54

Nightcall (Hawke's Bay, New Zealand) - 01:50 [Office start]
The Finish Line (Miami, USA) - 01:53 [All default]
Three-Headed Serpent (Santa Fortuna, Colombia) - 02:56 [Coco fields start, fish + lockpick]
Chasing a Ghost (Mumbai, India) - 04:10 [All default]
Another Life (Whittleton Creek, USA) - 02:13 [Bench Stash with the Sieger 300 Ghost, fish + coins]
The Ark Society (Isle of Sgàil) - 02:30 [All default]

In-game time: 15m 32s

Difficulty: Professional

Version (SA - Full Game): Trespassing allowed (<2.21)

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