Frote's Speedrun Community

Most active hub for speedrunning of the new Hitman games. Ask for help here on strategies if you need it. Also in the sidebar as a website. (external link)

By ForthesevenFortheseven

Google Sheets IGT Adder (For "25 mapper" category)

Use this Google Sheets template for ICA Facility to Haven category. If you don't want to use template, go to Format>Number>More Formats>Custom Number Formats, and then enter "hh]:mm:ss" as custom format. This will display time correctly. Remember to enter times as Hours:Minutes:Seconds. To Sum times, type "=SUM(B1:BX) in the Total Time cell, where X is the last row with a time value. (external link)

By Solderq35Solderq35

Grun IGT Adder (All Full Game categories EXCEPT "25 mapper")

Please use this tool to add up IGT for full game runs with less than 25 missions (including resets as separate "missions"). Click "Save as URL" and copy URL after entering times. (external link)

By GrunGraphics


Good tool for routing runs. You can see every item on a given map with this tool. (external link)

By MrMikeMrMike

How to Obtain Unlocks Guide (external link)

By Kunovega






Guide to Patches (external link)

By NeonitiyoNeonitiyo, Solderq35Solderq35