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Forum: Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals

Thread: Simple question about Master Jelly.

Started by: junkyard_davejunkyard_dave

I know he flees on the 4th turn if you didn't do enough damage, but does that mean you have 1 extra turn and he flees at the END of his fourth turn? Does he always flee at the beginning of the fourth turn?

Is there a way to for example slow him, if he does flee at the beginning, and get extra turns in?

How's the 4th turn work exactly?

I've always just assumed you have only 3 turns to kill him and he immediately runs on the beginning of the fourth, but I honestly don't know for sure.

Thanks. 🙂

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Forum: Goof Troop

Thread: Run is missing on the board?

Started by: junkyard_davejunkyard_dave

Yeah, I see now. Thanks for explaining that.


Maybe he submitted the name wrong or something at first and it was readjusted after?


Forum: Goof Troop

Thread: Run is missing on the board?

Started by: junkyard_davejunkyard_dave

Hmm, how are you seeing it's obsolete?

Generally (at least on the boards I modded) runs only obsolete themselves if someone runs the game together with the same person but obviously has multiple times. There's a flag setup that if you have say for example:

jymotion & keanusleeves (18:17)
jymotion & keanusleeves (20:02)

That it can show both runs and take up multiple ranks.

TMNT2 had that problem before I hid it with the same players, but multiple times.

But I don't see "keanusleeves" come up again. So what did you mean? 🙂

Maybe I misunderstood something.

[Edit]: I think his profile not being linked shouldn't matter because there's two others on co-op: "Timbel" and "Rotoshu" that don't have linked SRC accounts and below them everyone else is still +1 and not +2/+3 respectively.


Forum: Goof Troop

Thread: Run is missing on the board?

Started by: junkyard_davejunkyard_dave

Neat. Thanks for that observation!

Should be easy for mods to check as if you fill in a filler time to test and everyone's rank adjusts, you'd easily have your answer of whether or not that column matters.

I've never seen 2P co-op runs displace like this on a board before. Two I mod, TMNT2 (NES) and Wild Guns (SNES) have co-op runs, but they've always displayed properly, even with a runner claiming multiple spots with different partners. I think you're right at the column does matter because in Wild Guns / TMNT2 there's just one column. Same on Contra (NES) and Chip & Dale (NES) for co-op as there's multiple runners there with multiple partners and times display properly there, too.


Forum: Goof Troop

Thread: Run is missing on the board?

Started by: junkyard_davejunkyard_dave

Hey, curious what's going on, as a run is missing or not categorized properly. It's somewhere in the top 10 as Kat and I have recently set quite a few PBs and snuck under (or so we thought) top 10 in co-op. xD

If you check the leader board itself, it says we're in 9th place.


If you check our profile though, it says we're 10th.

Other people are also wrong:

https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​user/​SuperHandi (8th on board, shows 9th).

People before like Titanish and 5th are working properly, and people lower on the leader boards also work properly.

I am curious in who has a hidden run here. xD Someone is not displaying properly because likely (I assume from other boards I moderate on) variables were probably updated at some point on these boards and no one adjusted that one run manually, so it doesn't display on the board itself, but it still counts in terms of rank.

Or anyone else know what's going on or missing?

I did ask Bbforky, too.


Forum: The Site

Thread: Popular runners ≠ good SRC moderators.

Started by: junkyard_davejunkyard_dave

Just honestly tired of things that could easily be prevented with logic. Ironically right now one of my submissions is stuck in queue because one super moderator who heavily dislikes me on the board possibly quit or was axed by staff, but he didn't verify my run before whatever happened to him, happened, and all the others are inactive, and the one active moderator is away currently in rl. So it's literally stuck in limbo.

Last online 1 month ago
Last online 2 months ago
Last online 3 months ago
Last online 16 days ago
Last online 16 days ago

^ Are the moderators last logins on that board.

The only moderator that's ever verified my runs there is the one that's currently AWOL.

Also, a request on the boards there went unanswered about adding a new category for over a month now.

The problem is a lot of retro (NES) boards are like this. A lot were setup by members popular in the community, but again, that doesn't make them good SRC moderators. What should I do in this situation and to who and when should I address it?

It's an annoying issue that reoccurs quite constantly.

You shouldn't have to message someone externally somewhere to check this site every time something needs to be moderated.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Popular runners ≠ good SRC moderators.

Started by: junkyard_davejunkyard_dave

This is somewhat of an issue on a lot of retro boards I have runs submitted on.

A lot of people are added to boards, which are notable people within a game's community, but on SRC they're basically non-existent as a moderator and their duties. This ends up dispersing the workload onto one person, and if that one person isn't around, submissions hang.

We had this problem on Batman (NES) boards a long time ago. I literally got rid of myself (and asked the site) to remove like 7 people who never approved anything but held a moderator position anyway, but were added to that board, and I appointed new people who were both knowledgeable about the run but more importantly ACTIVE on SRC.

Seems a lot of boards I'm aware of with or without runs are like this and it's sort of an annoying trend.

To maybe clarify: I'm not looking for any kind of immediate resolution or anything to something specific, but I'm curious at what point should it be addressed or brought up. A lot of boards I'm talking about have probably if you check the verified runs, one dude working crazy hard at verifying and staying on top of things and a bunch of dormant moderators.

At what point does this become an issue that should be addressed?

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Forum: Wild Guns: Reloaded

Thread: Small rule revision: please show difficulty in the run submissions moving forward.

Started by: junkyard_davejunkyard_dave

Congrats on all the new submissions as well!

11+ runs submitted in the last day is pretty nutty.

A general reminder:

Feel free to join the Discord as well.



Forum: Total Recall

Thread: Random bug maybe people aren't aware of.

Started by: junkyard_davejunkyard_dave

Figured I'd post it here, was practicing this for the Big 20.

It's triggered on the subway stage, and pretty sure it's triggered by the dog somehow. If you happen to hop into the last subway car on the same frame (?) a dog tries to jump and attack you, then ride the subway into the slums, it seems you actually wind up with partially infinite health. Fire and the hobos don't hurt you, but the spikeballs and boss still do in the slum stage.

Maybe getting hit (provided it was triggered this way) as you transition into the next screen could serve useful in other sections if this wasn't known to begin with. I can upload a video of it later and probably will.

Hope it helps someone.


Forum: SimCity (NES)

Thread: Everdrive (N8) mapper support.

Started by: junkyard_davejunkyard_dave

Hey all.

Krikkz updated MM5 support yesterday so Everdrive officially supports SimCity now.

You can download the updated mapper, here:



Forum: The Site

Thread: New site layout - Amendments #1

Started by: PacPac

Thanks, Pac. Themes being back looks better.

What exactly are the ideal resolutions? Dunno if it's a site bug re-implementing or something, but some of the old ones I made scale improperly now.


Forum: The Site

Thread: New site layout!

Started by: PacPac

Removing themes in my humble opinion was a terrible idea, especially with what it was replaced with.

I think (more logically) if you wanted a more "streamlined" look, and if the backend allowed it, why not do as you did, but create a specific toggle for THAT? You could have setup some kind of toggle that streamlined the layout and forced a specific background / text colours, etc to a default, without actually stripping communities the individualism that made this website very unique to browse through.

Other changes: welcomed.

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Forum: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game

Thread: Will it be single turtles categories for USA?

Started by: thenesmasterthenesmaster



Unlike in TMNT3/1 there's no real advantage to using the other turtles. We could definitely bring it up again, but talking with everyone about it in the past, there's literally no point as there's no difference / challenge between using Leonardo, Donatello or Michaelangelo. All 3 turtles (-Raphael) share the exact same hitboxes and have no unique special attacks that make them different. Adding turtle specific categories would be purely cosmetic and just serve bloat the amount of categories available (and this game already doesn't have many runners to begin with).

I think it's the most unpopular of the 3 games on NES.

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Forum: Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos

Thread: Has anyone noticed this easier and safer way to pass through the wall before?

Started by: WangdaoWangdao

Thank you very much for this. xD

I've learned 1-6 so far, and before I learned 7 went back to replace a lot of beginner/intermediate strats with harder ones. This wall killed me A LOT. I understand what you're doing here and now I can clear it with probably 95%~ consistency.

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Forum: SimFarm: SimCity's Country Cousin

Thread: New Categories?

Started by: hogzillerhogziller

Well, I'm okay with adding it to the board as an in-between.

Sorry for the weird delay here, honestly thought I responded.

Is there a huge difference between $250k and $500k?


Forum: SimCity (NES)

Thread: Welcome. :)

Started by: junkyard_davejunkyard_dave

Hey @CzaR!

What's up?


Forum: SimFarm: SimCity's Country Cousin

Thread: New Categories?

Started by: hogzillerhogziller

Hi there.

1) I updated the rules for Pig% so any selling of land is banned. I agree very suddenly and acquiring huge chunks of money for very little effort defeats the purpose and invalidates the strats the route has developed so far.
2) What is the purpose (and function) of how you lay irrigation ditches? @hogziller
3) Why Sorghum in particular over the other crops?

Congrats on your new PB as well, Hog.

I agree, moving away from strawberries would be maybe ideal. xD

I don't mind adding one more maybe main category for now, but finding variance within this game is a little silly, and I like how both runs so far have defaulted to strawberries as the main crop of choice.


Forum: SimFarm: SimCity's Country Cousin

Thread: New Categories?

Started by: hogzillerhogziller

Hey, welcome. 🙂

I created this board originally as kind of a neat idea (that pig category). It would allow for a game not a lot of people ever probably played to develop strategies for and to route in a genre they might not inherently be familiar with. From there, Crit ended up really liking the game, and suggested a full game category. I can definitely admit the two categories that exist now offer an extremely weird variety in how to speedrun it. 😃 You're either buckling down for something for the long haul or looking at something pretty short, and they're probably not as representative of the game can obviously offer as a whole.

I'm totally ok with adding new categories or rule revisions. I was actually going to reach out and ask after watching your run the other day: do you think banks should really be banned? I think maybe only in the pig category they should, just because allowing people to take out money invalidates the strategies that have currently evolved. I doubt being able to take out $40000+ at the beginning of the run would make it that broken, but that's the one thing I never tested yet: does how much you take out increase with your total assets? At that point, I feel banning them might be a good idea if you could just keep earning money and basically taking out money. I don't personally know where any bank loans cap or if and when the game even forces you to pay any loans back.

Would be very interested in your input as well: @CritRocket.

(In terms of other categories or suggestions somewhere bridging the gap between the current two.)


Forum: Batman: The Video Game (NES)

Thread: Autosplitter

Started by: Bro.D.MaxBro.D.Max

Chambers, a question:

At what point is what you're doing equally more "honourable" than cheating? Going through 10+ different NES consoles to find the best aligned PPU while down talking every emulator user who a majority probably don't even care about this stuff. The average emulator user isn't some demon who will presumably cheat 100% of the time. I get emulators can do things that manually, console users can't, but this isn't the same as the Technodrome and not comparable.

The thing about Batman is everyone checks their timer to understand pace, autosplitter or not. I check my timer manually to understand the hopper patterns in 3-1, 3-2, 4-1, and the act 1 and 2 bosses. I do all this manually. Everyone does who can run this at a competitive level.

What sense does it make to ban an autosplitter which does exactly the same thing automatically?

[edit]: That's not to say yes, allow RAM watch or something for emulator users.

But automatic splitters in this case would yield no advantage over what people already do manually as realistically whether or not you can tell a pattern is upcoming with certain precision, it's still up to you to execute properly within possibly less than 3 tenths of a second.

[editx2]: I think even the autosplitter (haven't tried it myself) works on console as well, so it's not like emulator users possibly even have an inherent advantage over console users here.

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