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I want a new category, "100%".
"100%" mean collecting all items. (collect all of items that can get in game.)

the run start when select "New game" and finish when collect last item.
(maybe the last items are Golden Cap and King's cape...?)

maybe mods will confuse with that "runners collected all items?" so I think that delete SavesPerma before start run make better.

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i've wanted this for a while. if you or someone else completes a run of it, i think it should be on the leaderboard. also agree with deleting the save, although idk how others would feel about that.

i made a tas of 100% a while back, and i'd often forget to get the redcrown woods cap. for anyone running don't forget about it like me lol

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ok. i will try run 100%. and dont forget to get a cap. 🙂
if can we make autosplit for this category in LiveSplit, runners dont have to delete items save.