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Juke's Towers of Hell Forum  /  IVTROY and the current state of moderation on the JToH Speedrun site

The issues we, as a community, are facing with IVTROY in full power:

1. Our runs being rejected on the basis that milliseconds have been incorrectly inputted during submission

2. Our runs being rejected on the basis that the time of our run was inputting into the wrong section ("Time" Vs. "In-game time")

You're probably wondering why this happens and why can't these errors be easily corrected. Well, time and time again, we get the same answer by the moderator that it is too much of a hassle for him to do so, and therefore, rejecting is the easiest option.

3. Our runs being rejected because they do not meet the current moderator's expectations as to the skill-level players require when performing a run
- I submitted this run: and got the following response from the moderator:

4. Updates to the leaderboards such as due to an update to the game, roblox physics, or category disputes take a considerable amount of time.
- For example, I requested a change to the Full-game leaderboards via DMs on May 29 (regarding the new Ring Rush feature). Finally, a few days ago (nearly A MONTH later) and after several reminders was a change made to allow my run. Mind you, this is not a major update and not many people run full-game categories. So, in no instance was his delay justifiable.

5. Overall laziness.
-As with the previous example about Ring Rush, the current moderator has failed to properly implement the update. Runs which use the old method of conducting the run (manually entering each tower one by one) still exist and those few which were removed were not archived and saved, but rather flat out rejected and removed.

6. You're also probably wondering whether these issues could be easily solved if more mods were available. And this leads me to our biggest issue.
The current moderator refuses to accept any assistance when it is obvious he is incapable of taking on full responsibility by himself.

IVTROY, I request you give me, TheBronzeSword, and Megakirby super moderator for the better of the community.

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Holy shit.
They told me that they doesn't trust you, and I see why.
Not because you are doing something wrong, but they might be going power hungry.
IVTROY, you really need to fix this.
He's not implementing the ring rush, but an ironic quote from him to me:
>And i always add towers from new rings very fast(as soon as i wake up and join the ring)
Also, on the quote about rejecting runs on wrong formatting:
>When you submit a run it says that it may take from 1 to 3 weeks to review.
>This will make community more responsible because noone wants to wait 1 week to see that they forgot ro read the rules.
Direct quotes from IVTROY there.
The 1-3 weeks is an automated message, not an excuse.
Edit 3: I'll add any important quotes below this line.
>Ok, and i don't trust thebronzesword that much
thats it


I just don't want people to come here, submit they random completion of a tower, get their speedrunner role, and forget about this site forever. But if you really want to, i will accept every garbage run, even toast in 10 hours. Come and take your speedrunner role for free, while people haven't done it before you.

(edited: )

Look, it's a fucking run no matter how slow it is. We can set boundaries for the time limit / placing, EG being in the top 50% of that category, as long as there's more than 3 runs on there.
Then they can get the speedruner role if those requirements are met.
But filtering out runs because they're slow? Thats wrong.


That's why i'm not doing it anymore. And about my laziness. I did the changes. You didn't like how i did it. I did it again.


Thank you.


Thank you for giving me one more chance.


I'll always give you a chance.
Don't think I'm like that haah
You did what was right for the community, and everyone thanks you for that

(edited: )

Submissions really should not be being rejected for being "too slow". If someone submits a run with the intention to troll, as in, a 99 hour run of a 4 minute game, then some leeway on that can be drawn. However, you shouldn't be rejecting runs just because they're a little slower/less optimal than whatever you think a run should ideally look like.

If the overwhelming opinion from this community is that these runs should be tracked, then they should be tracked. As a moderator, your duty is to maintain the leaderboard, not control it.

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I don't reject runs for any fail. But if someone fails 5 floors down and continue playing like nothing happened it's not cool.


Yes, but if it’s a speedrun of the whole of Ring 1, you are bound to have at least 1 death or fall.


1 death! But not spending 1+ hour on ToTS!!!


ok, tots is the hardest tower in r1tr, i still think thats ok for spending about an hour on it. same with cols, it takes so long to do because they arent easy, and can have insanely hard jumps. you arent gonna see someone fall like 3 floors down in r1tr and be like "oh guess i have to restart even though im on tots." you wont see that. those expectations are kinda annoying for a moderator stance for speedrunning.

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That's why rule 1 got changed.

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