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Juke's Towers of Hell Forum  /  Broken Win Pads and Getting Kicked

The mod team has came to a conclusion that runs where the win pad does not teleport you to winners or you get kicked upon stepping onto it will be allowed.

This is only to say if you have proper video evidence where your gameplay is clearly visible and does not include lag (especially if you get kicked in your run, we must be certain it was the game's fault and you weren't truly cheating)
Any suspicion in your video will unfortunately result in it being rejected.

As for timing, in the game your timer stops approximately 0.5s after touching the pad. Therefore, 0.5s will be added to your time appeared at the top of your screen on the frame you touch the win pad to calculate your final time.

- The Mod Team

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Thanks for this information, I got kicked recently while doing a coil run in Madness.
I would delete my video if for this post did not exist not gonna lie.


If you get kicked for beating the tower too early, you can just find the time when the kick message pops up in chat.


Wait, so what happens if the timer in a run freezes? Does the run count as disqualified or something? Please let me know. (Happened to me in ToCH)


Today I legit beat ToEE in ring 1. I waste 40 minutes of my time and I got kicked for skipping the tower. But I didn’t skip it. I didn’t record a video so...


Tixvision, same happened to me, ToEE for 40 mins with no skips. Maybe win pad is broken, idk?

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