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Should i make a discord server for jtoh speedrunners? Some people asked me for it and i think it's a pretty good idea. Gathering opinions here.

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its kinda useless


meh. not a real game changer in my opinion, but it could be nice to have

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I mean, I guess? I don't really care for a new discord server honestly. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


No reason for one, there's already a section in the main roblox speedrunning servers.


i guess it might be nice to have one


i mean you don't need one but it would be cool to have one


if you're able to handle managing it on top of modding the game, then i think you should


Have a life?


I say if you want then you can put one but it would be nice because it would be easier to share ideas for faster times in towers


Sorry for late reply here, i did read the thread a day earlier but didn't think too much of it.

Would be nice to have a separate server to discuss stuff about the game with fellow runners instead of relying on specific channels in preexisting servers, I would be up for it as long as if we have enough resources since I think it could be a good hub for races and other more involving stuff.

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I think the JToH speedrunning community needs a dedicated discord server so that we could have our runs submitted in a channel and over-all it would work.


The runs must be submitted in this webpage because of how functions. Using a discord server to submit runs wouldn’t be a viable method because of this.

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