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Hi! I've been wanted to try and run this game for awhile and I was loking through the guides here and it mentions an "installed" version of JSRF.
How do you get an "installed" version, do you need a modded xbox? And would I need a copy of the NTSC-U combo disk to install? (I have a few versions but I'm not sure if I have that one or if I do I dunno where it'd be XD)
Thanks in advance! 🙂

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basically installed is saving the disc to your harddrive. You can only install if you have a modded xbox.
This could potentially save time over standalone depending on how good of an xbox you have. Standalone is the blue disc and combo disc is the red one. If you are from a PAL region you will need to mod your xbox in order to do the sewerskip. If you are in an NTSC region, you can play up to sewers on the combo disc, load the area, and then you will be able to do runs on the standalone version, no modding required. Combo disc loses around 1-2 minutes over standalone and standalone loses from 10 seconds to 2 minutes over installed depending on how good of an xbox you have.

Hope to see some runs from you soon brother OpieOP.

If you have any other questions my skype is "halojsrf" and I would be glad to help you out.

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Basically what Flashy said. If you don't have all the materials to softmod right away, you can always do some runs to learn the game before you mod your Xbox.


your boy made installing mainstream 😉

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What an absolute legend.

I wonder when installing SSD and watercooling your console for light-speed load times is gonna be mainstream?


dont need to install the combo disc but its the most convenient and cheapest one to find


Installing was a mistake and corrupted this community RIP oldbois we all died for THIS

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I vote to reset the leaderboard and ban installed game play