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I would be fine with this as a meme category. I would also be fine with a "meme categories" section of the leaderboard. I think the end split should be upon the spawn at the correct place after the deathwarp directly after rip skip. Having it at the point where you land after the WTFTPAW (Where They Forgot To Put A Wall) AKA the clip, promotes the bad habit of stopping there, and neglects the deathwarp section of rip skip.


I know most of the JSRF community are technically just beasts at this game, but like for the newcomers like me, PJ% is more like mediumish lvl and this would be more beginner lvl because its slightly shorter. I personally haven't landed a sewer skip yet though but after seeing this DJ skip in this run I think I make it happen. like this run can deffinetly be shorter, I'm estimating like 27-28 minutes, maybe shorter.


wolf why is it a bad habbit, is it because you can split at the beggining the the next lvl for IL runs?


thats fairplay about the deathwarp section of the skip actually, yea it should end as soon as you spawn in to the new area

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Miint there really isn't any need for this kind of category to be a thing. Full game might look like a huge undertaking or you might be under the impression that older runners are beasts at the game but we all started on the same grounds. We were all beginners, with the goal to ultimately do a full run and improve on them.

While there is nothing wrong with wanting to do runs of a specific section of the game as practice, a category like this creates the same situation as PJ% with every any% run also being a rip skip% and therefore making it a non-category essentially.

Even as a meme category this doesn't bring any novelty or fun challenge that would incentivize people actually running it. Optimizing it is just not collecting souls.

I feel like PJ% is already a very good point for people to start making runs and ILs are also there for new runners to learn the game with short content while also giving them gratification for accomplishing something.

On another note, the discord is a perfect place to discuss these sort of things instead of straight up making a thread on the forums. You also might want to use the edit function on your posts instead of multi posting for clarity's sake.

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Alright listen here: I'm about to deliver some insane wisdom to you:

You can create any category you want for this game, and run it. Don't feel restricted by leaderboards because all this shit is fake. That's right, EVERY time on the JSRF leaderboard is FAKE

Anyway, if you do a run of it, and then highlight it as you would any% people are gonna see that shit and run it. And even if they don't, you got your practice in and that's what matters.

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My apologies, normally when I have a suggestion in the past games I've speed run I just go to the baseline forums of this site for the specific game, normally the previouse communities I've engaged in didn't have a suggestion area in their discord like you guys do. also apologize for my lack of forum ediquitte.


No problem. When I started I legit thought discord meant the forums lmao. Didn't what discord was lol.