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Any% race tournament

Point and bracket system:
-Bracket is going to be randomly generated. This is just a preview bracket, real one is gonna be updated on Nov. 2nd at 11:59 pm
-Winner of the race gets 2 points, loser gets 1

-Streaming is kinda required. Races will take place on SpeedRunsLive (SRL). You will need an SRL account to participate
-Category, if not obvious, is Any%
-Installed is allowed
-Start timing when selecting "New Game." Timing stops when killing gouji, immediately after the last spray. (Same rules as
-Failing to adhere to these rules will result in a race restart, forfeiture, or disqualification.

Scheduling Rules:
-There is no set starting time for races. Players are responsible for negotiating a date and time with each other.
-Races must be completed within the specified time period. Failing to complete a race within the time period will result in disqualification.
-Multiple races can be done at the same time, but they cannot be combined into a single race. Race rooms on SRL must only contain the participants for that race and the moderators. Players may be held accountable if a visitor has been invited to the room.
-If you scheduled a race but don't show up, the race can be rescheduled provided that it does not exceed the deadline.
-If you cannot contact or negotiate a time with your opponent, or if you have any concerns about meeting the deadline for your race, please contact us immediately.



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