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yea I know blah blah blah I said that would be my last forum post, I don't intend to post to the speedrun highscores but I still wanna speed run this on my off time. what's up with it not loading up anymore? is it that CXBX aint up to date or is JSRF having something I gotta tweek the files with? been a hot 1-3 months timeframe since I loaded up the emulator. getting like an error message upon just loading up if anyone of you tech savy G.G's could help me out.


I'd recommend trying other versions of cxbx. I don't know what you use, but I use 2397ece (Apr 30 2021) because it has the least 'flashing'. I used to use a5fa409 because the graffiti worked perfectly, but white flashing was common. It's a tradeoff.
Hopefully reinstalling cxbx fixes the problem ^.^


I'll say that you're about 200% more likely to get a faster reply on the discord than posting here - it's rare that people check the forums.

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