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Hello everyone! We are working on the idea of moving all the single Story Mode runs onto the Individual Levels section, like most other fighting games already do, because the great quantity of characters makes it very hard to keep the leaderboard clean. This also gives us a chance to better divide the categories for all the different versions of this game, to make it as fair as possible!
You can already look at a preview on how it may look like in the end (beware it's still being worked on, so all the names/categories are provisory):

What do you all think about this? Should we move to Individual Levels for better leaderboard management, or should we keep everything like before?
We also accept suggestions!

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Nice, since my first run i picked on how unfair the whole board was, it needed a change.

For individual characters it sure has a lot of them, the differences are only occurring in the playstation/xbox version who gives max special bar on the start of every fights, this is the only unfair advantage i can see from the versions in solo categories, maybe there's more.

The biggest problem is the all story category who's a mess, all versions got a different way to unlock characters which really penalize people heavily. I tried to point those difference to get separated categories for this, i mean my friend and i was totally on for the arcade version with the code to rush all story mode but when i posted the message they just banned arcade code in the rules and changed nothing.

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Actually, MAX special bar can be adjusted in the settings in every version of the game (just like difficulty, stocks and strenght of the attacks).
Each version has its quirks:
- JoJo's Venture and its update (the one that people actually play) are pretty much different games.
- Dreamcast version has different frame data for tandem attacks.
- HD Ver. retains a bug from the VS mode of Dreamcast version: all characters have the same defense values, as opposed to every other version of the game.
And of top of that, each version has different loading times, obviously.

About the second thing, do you mean dividing "All Characters" into a NG (characters to be unlocked) an NG+ (all characters already unlocked), + variables for each version of the game? That's something good to think about, as we still didn't talk about what to do with Full-game leaderboards.


i'm a little new in this site, and i don't undestand the diference between have a full-game leaderboard or a level leaderboard; in this case there would be only one leaderboard for all the story mode runs and the runs for each specific character are going to be in the level leadearboards? if that it's the case i find that its a good idea so that way the main leaderboard it's not a mess 😛
About the division for arcade/dreamcast/PS3 i dont know, im not aware about the diferences betwen each versión, i think if there are similar in load times the should be put together, but like you say there are diferences in some aspects. Mmm, i think that with the quantity of runs that the game have there is no need to make a different section for each port at the moment, maybe later, if more people run this game.

About the "all characters" category i must to say that the only way to play with the secret characters in the arcade versión is with a code, there is no way to unlock them in play, and on the Dreamcast version the secret characters are unlocked if you complete the "challenge mode" with specific characters; so there is no need to make a NG variable, but i think that the rules of the category must be changed

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Kenshireando I believe it'll be set up like the Besiege leaderboards, where you have a page with the main runs (In this case just the all character NG/NG+ categories) and a separate tab you click on the side to view the runs for each character.

I am in favor of cleaning up the leaderboards though. They're messy and hard to look through at the moment. Personally I also think we should try to standardize the version people run the game with. As far as I know the most popular versions are the Remaster, and the Japanese Sega Genesis emulated one. Maybe make a NG/+ category for both of those runs, and if multiple people really want to play JJV or any other version we can cross that bridge when we get there.

Also is there any chance the categories can be renamed to the character's actual names? I know the game calls them Robber Soul and Iced, but IMO it's like how the subbed anime says "Zipperman" instead of Sticky Fingers. Everyone goes by the official translation, so why not do it here as well?

It's nice to see some care being put into these boards though, and I'm happy to see community engagement.

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I'm sorry it took a bit of time, we're still working on the "All Characters" category but we've been working on the level leaderboard and it's almost ready now.
We've copied all the records (including obsoleted runs) from the full-game leaderboard's 1 Character category to the level leaderboard.
Please let us know if anything was missed.
We've also added the actual names in brackets for some characters but left the game names too, so that somebody who doesn't know about the original JoJo's names won't get lost in the leaderboard.

We are also thinking about separating each versions as Arcade, Dreamcast, and PS3/X360.
Arcade and Dreamcast versions are almost the same in game play, but the loading times before starting each match in Dreamcast are over 1 second slower than Arcade.
PS3/X360 version also has slower loading times and the defense value glitch, as ciccioDM said.
I'd say it'd be fair to separate them all, even though there's only one record for Dreamcast version.
Also if somebody submit the "JoJo's Venture" run, we'll add the category soon.

Please tell us your thoughts or suggestions about this.
If people agree with this change, we'll set the level leaderboard as default and delete the 1 Character category from the full-game leaderboard within a week or so.
Thank you!

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First of all, thanks for all your work and dedication for this game 🙂
I think that it's fine to divide the game into the diferents ports, because the loading times are diferents in each version. I think that it's fine to put the level leaderboard as default, because there is no point in still have the standard leaderboard. I'm only dont understand how it works the variable "challenge mode" and "story mode" in each character; for example, if i made a better time in "challenge mode" than in "story mode", the time that shows the level leaderboard is the time of "challenge mode"? or shows both? I think those times should be divided, because are different modes.

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Thanks for your suggestion!
We put "Challenge Mode" variable temporarily so I removed them.
And I delete full-game leaderboard's 1 Character category and set level leaderboard as default now.

There's some site issue that the individual level leaderboard rules aren't displayed so I'm contacting the site moderators now, but the rules for each IL are like this;
"Beat Story Mode as fast as possible.

Any in-game settings allowed.

For emulator runs, please state the name & version of the emulator used in your submission."

We'll make "Challenge Mode" as separate categories in level leaderboard or full-game leaderboard, when someone requests it to submit the run.

Any feedback or suggestion is welcome, thank you!


There seems to be a site bug about text/description (, and in this leaderboard all level leaderboard rules and all characters category rule for Dreamcast version are missing or incomplete at the moment.

Here is the DC version's all characters rule;
"Beat Story Mode with all characters.

Start with a save file that already has all characters unlocked.

Any in-game settings allowed.

For emulator runs, please state the name & version of the emulator used in your submission."


The text disappearing bug has been fixed and all rules are visible now.
Also we integrated the all characters category into the level leaderboard.
The leaderboard change has been done, thank you for your cooperation 🙂