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Hey dude, I sent you a DM on Discord but you havent responded. I'll ask again here just incase you're not really a Discord user.

I realize it's not listed in the rules but I was wondering if there is any restriction to the amount of cycles we can set DosBox to. So far I have been running at 10000 which seems reasonable, but I think my loading screens are still slower than yours. I tried messing with the cycles a bit and it seems like cycles do affect the loading screens. 30000 cycles seems to match the kind of loading screens you are getting.

I don't think the cycles affect any other gameplay elements, so setting them to a theoretical maximum should mean there would be no need for "extra verification rules" which would be nice.

To be clear, I'm not disputing your runs in any way .. I just want to make sure I am playing on the same field .. so to speak.

The differences do seem very small, but I think we can both agree that this run has a lot to do with small incremental time-saves and fine optimizations.

Let me know what you think I should do, I am curious to what Cycles you are running at.

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Yeah, sorry my reply is late, There is NO restriction on the cycles count at all whatsoever! You are more than welcome to set the cycles to any amount that works. For me, I did 19,500 Cycles for Jill of the jungle 2 and 3 since anything above that value screws up the sound and music is disabled.

Recommendation on the cycle count for Jill of the jungle 1 can be set to max by editing the cfg file and setting the cycles to max since it still works!

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