New category for glitchless?
3 years ago

Im looking at these times and considering the game has 3 hours and 40 minutes of unskippable cutscenes, i have a hard time understanding how anyone can be getting less time than that. Can we possibly create a glitchless category for people who are running it straight up?

Interesting how nobody responds to this, even though its obvious

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2 things I'd like to add:

1: You could have joined the community discord server and seen that conversations about glitchless have already been brought up multiple times (with the same response that Imperg has just given you) rather than just making passive-aggressive posts in the srcom forums.

2: If you don't understand how people are getting the times that they are, the best way to find out is to watch one of their runs rather than write a post implying that their runs are illegitimate, and then expecting someone to show up and explain the intricacies of a 3.5 hour run to you via text. If you have more specific questions after watching a run, the best place to ask them is in the community discord I mentioned earlier (, where many people, including the runners themselves, would be able to answer you.

I see that you are new to speedrunning, you can trust that the moderators for this game have been around many speedrunning communities for a very long time, and we know what we're doing.

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I dont appreciate being attacked in that way, please refrain from talking to me like that and accusing me of things I didnt say. That's very unprofessional.

And thank you Imperg for a better restrained response, its appreciated

Michigan, USA

And I would like you to consider the tone of your own comments thus far. Both "Most games on here have consoles separated from PC, I dont know why the mods havent for this one but they should." and "Interesting how nobody responds to this, even though its obvious" come across like you are attacking the mods as though we are incompetent and mishandling the leaderboard, which I do not appreciate.

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That is you inferring something from it, not what was said. If you want to find something bad in what someone says, it's not hard. It still does not give you the right to accuse me of anything. I stand by what I said.


"Interesting how nobody responds to this, even though its obvious"

I'm sorry, what is obvious?

Regarding how the runs are faster than the "3hours and 40minutes of unskippable cutscenes". You just don't trigger all the cutscenes.

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Hello, I want to say that there are not 3hrs and 40min of cutscenes in the game. If you are pointing to a video on YouTube which has all the cutscenes and it says it’s 3hr 40min long if you watch the video it includes gameplay as well so that time is false. There are actually only 1hr 52min of unskippable cutscenes in the game. Also with the current glitches I’m pretty certain some cutscenes are skipped as well which was mentioned by someone else.

I can only imagine if they added an option to skip cutscenes. The game would be so much faster

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Me and my friend have done multible glitchless runs now and think that it's unfortunately that you still dont have any "glithless any %" category... I know it's a tedious run for many, but I know, after reading multiple questions to you moderators that we are multiple speedrunners that want this category added.

I also think that we can help you guys with the rules, if you want our help.

I know that it looks like i'm "new" to speedruns. But plz take my question seriously. I just ask you to add a category that I and many others want.

Thank you.

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Hi Skoglund, you should consider bringing conversations like this to the Discord channel as thats the way that the community typically converses.

This topic comes up pretty regularly, and there was definitely a time that I was a proponent of a glitchless any%, but after a few months of experience working with and participating in the evolution of the any % run, I have completely reversed my opinion and I am increasingly convinced that defining a glitchless ruleset is nearly impossible. Even if we were to list all of the tech that we know about today and make individual calls on which things are and are not allowed in a run, an inventive runner would create new tech we haddnt considered before, completely crushing the world record and sparking a hot debate about whether the new tech was allowed, and if it should be outlawed post facto. Please come join us on discord and watch the process of evolving the route. This week alone, the theoretical best time of any% has come down by about Fifteen minutes because of new tech discovered, and new tech is discovered routinely.

Please check out the categories we have! If you find that they are really not suited to you, and if you have a solution to the "new tech/what is a glitch" problem, or if you just want to come chat, come visit our discord server.

Alternatively, you might consider the challenge runs, they may be more in line with your vision. You can find their discord here:

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