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General Clarified Submission Rules

I. Visual Evidence Requirements
• All new submissions without video evidence require visual evidence.
• Accepted forms of visual evidence include screenshots/pictures of the completed splits for full-game categories and, for individual level categories, screenshots/pictures of the in-game results screen.
• Visual evidence should be linked in the “Comment” submission section.

II. Video Evidence Requirements
• A new submission that achieves a time in the top 50% requires video evidence unless more than 20 unique runners have submitted to the category. In this case, any time within the top 10 requires video evidence.
• Videos must be adequately complete.
• If the video is composed of multiple parts, only the first should be included in the “Video Link” submission section. The remainder should be included in the “Comment” submission section.

III. General Timing Requirements
• The initial and final splits must be consistent with the timing rules of the specific category.

IV. Timing Precision Requirements
• Full-game categories require timing precise to the second.
• Individual level categories are timed with the in-game timer.

V. Region and Platform Specification Requirements
• Region and platform specification is mandatory.

VI. Emulator Indication Requirements
• If an emulator was used, indication of that use is mandatory.
• If an emulator was used, specification of that emulator is mandatory and should be included in the “Comment” submission section.

VII. Pause Allowance
• One untimed pause is allowed for every two hours of gameplay.

VIII. Rejection Appeal Allowance
• If you believe your run was unfairly rejected, you may appeal the rejection by messaging a leaderboard moderator privately.

Note: Clarification of emulator rules will be available after the topic has been sufficiently discussed.

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