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Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo


Requesting that Grav is removed as a Super Mod from the Hotline Miami 2 leaderboards

He requested the leaderboard 3 ish years ago but hasn't been active since. Thanks for the help


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Thread: Autosplits now available

Started by: CursedToastCursedToast

Thanks for making this, if I ever go back to this game I'll use it haha

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Thread: Tournament Announcement

Started by: jackyRitejackyRite

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This is an announcement for a NG+ All Levels tournament taking place at a currently undecided date. Players of all skill levels are welcome.

At the moment we are trying to get a feel for the amount of people who are actually interested, so go to this google doc if you feel like this is something you want to be involved in:

Also be sure to join the discord server for further updates on the tournament:

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Thread: New category ? Any% NG+ All Levels

Started by: LinkcoeurLinkcoeur

Sounds like a cool idea, although what happens if you die on withdrawal? Do you have to restart the level just to do the last floor without dying?


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Thread: A new NG+ video

Started by: janoriojanorio

Definitely have it in mind