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Heya, Jackal is pretty great, but I decided to have some fun with it late last year and through an accident, I found that if you don't drop off POWs at the helipad they stick with you in the jeep across stages.

This means if you collect all the POWs, and take them to the final helipad, you spend about 2 minutes dropping off 80-90 POWs based on RNG and despawn factors. The helicopter that attacks you spawns 3 or 4 times (not consistent) so it can take you by surprise while they're being unloaded.

All I have is a real old safer run of it I did for fun for an example:

I'd like to get better times, especially since you can do cool strat stuff like say, blow up the buildings in the first area while moving and driving back and forth from the right two buildings to pick up POWs faster, and despawn other POWs from appearing to save time (I haven't found a reliable way to do that, but I think it's either keeping part of the building off-screen when it is hit, or possibly having too many sprites on screen as I get despawns on the first building in stage 3).

Any thoughts?

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I love the Jackal enthusiasm! I will say that I've thought about a 100%ish category but this goes a bit out of the way of that and into meme areas. It looks like a fun challenge run but I don't think it'd gain any traction as a misc. category. I never knew that you could actually hold all your P.O.W.s that's pretty great haha. There is also a discord you can discuss Jackal related ideas in! Here is the link:

It's technically the Contra discord but there's no reason every game should get a separate discord, that is just too much hassle.

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I'm going to give this a try once I tighten up the second half of the game. Sounds like a fun challenge.