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I have a strange bug with some bosses. After i beat sonic and castlevania world, I went to the skeleton king and then my game freezes after 5 sec every time. I hear music and sound, but screen is frozen, I can restart it without exiting the game, but this bug repeats and repeats. I tried to change settings, compatibility, replay world 6, change saves, redownload game, but nothing helped me. I hope, that someone knows a solution to this bullshit.
P.S. This bug happens not only on skeleton king, I tried to replay mario and came across the same bug.


Gastly sometimes causes weird lag, but not to the extent you describe it.

Have you tried giving a higher process priority to Boshy in the Task Manager?

Other than that, no idea really.


Nope, still don't work, i used pedobear and standart character(boshy, i think).


i was have this bug but in rape mode so i just delete full game and again download this in and this not happen more