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Hey Mountain Climbers,

So the other mods and I have been discussing the best way to go about timing the mountain climbing runs. It's been difficult to determine a way due to a couple of factors:

1. There is no solid "ending" point. For games like Table Tennis, we can take the exact frame the score 30/30 or 50/50 or 100/100 is reached and calculate the total time that way, but Climbing doesn't really appear to have that. We could just say to use the first frame that the text "You win!" appears on the screen, but none of the other ILs are timed that way. We (the mods) will probably just have to pick a reference point and use it, but it wouldn't hurt to hear your thoughts on what a good ending point would be.

2. There is something of an in-game timer. You can calculate the total time the run takes by subtracting the ending time from 1:29 (the starting time), but there's a few problems with that. A: The timer continues to count down, even when you've reached the top, going back to the issue with no definitive ending point. B: The timer does not include milliseconds, and runs are already coming down to them, especially in 86m. C: If the game is lagging at all, the in-game timer ends up counting down slower than a normal timer does, making retiming afterwords (to get milliseconds) essentially impossible.

The possible solutions I can see right now include requiring the use of an external timer (like livesplit) and ignoring the in-game timer; or requiring the in-game timer and rounding all times to the nearest second. We do want to hear what your thoughts are on this issue, so any and all suggestions are welcome. Thank you!

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i mean why would be a problem realy being the only category only category on that timing, the "you win!" first appearance frame is pretty much the best we have for a clear ending that any one can time by himself, probably just do that timing


With the way the minigame is right now, using an external timer and stopping on the frame where "You Win!" appears is the best option. And while on this subject, the marathon timer is also slowed by lag.


If only I knew how to make the autosplit then I would use that solution to this problem. I think the most accurate we can get is by making the autosplit (though I don't know how to make one).


@TamerMushoom64TamerMushoom64 Thanks for mentioning that. The marathon times are fine because the in-game timer does use milliseconds and all the runs submitted use it (as far as I'm aware), but yes, if runs were timed using different methods then it would be an issue.

From what I can see, the solution to go with right now is to ignore the in-game timer and use livesplit/re-time runs afterwords using the first frame of the "You Win" text as the ending point. Autosplit could also be an option, but I know I don't really have the time to look into it, and it's not completely necessary anyways. Thanks for the input (and for being patient), and we'll get to making the changes ASAP. Appreciate it!

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