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Anyone who has played Super Mario Speedrun should know that there are "Frame Rules" in the game.

The meaning of frame rules >>

Climbing 139 also has frame rules. However, it is not a rule that appears once every 21 frames, but a periodic rule of blue moving stones. Imagine the blus stone as the bus . Blue stone's first departure time was 9.4 seconds after the start of the game. Each subsequent shift is approximately 2 seconds.

This frame rule can really affect the record sometimes. Take me as an example. Even if I rush to the first blue stone at a speed of 9 seconds, I must wait for its arrive.

Consequently, no one wants to operate fast in this game. Whether it was fast or slow, everyone crowded into the first bus and got off the first bus. The last four jumps after getting off the blue stone are the key to speed, which means record depend on whoever rushes fastist after getting off the blue stone.

However, I found a technology that can adjust the schedule. When you restart the game and you haven't reached the countdown yet, you can make the schedule confused by switching the tabs, and then you are able to recreate a new time schedule that might leave earlier or later.

And then~ I finally set a record in 20”180 after hundreds of runs.

But~ I am not sure if this would be classified as a glitch.

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yooo thats so clever manipulation, so is like waiting before starting the run to adjust it for when you get
yeah kind of that "framerule system"
GG on that

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Wow! It's just super clever. Really GG on that and on your record.

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