Skateboarding lag readjustment!

"In order to make speedrunning the game more fair for everyone, we have decided to subtract skateboarding lag from top runs of certain categories! This gives players that are at a disadvantage due to lag a more accurate representation of their skill. The mod team will be retiming only top runs from categories that are heavily affected by skateboarding lag. These are the requirements for a run to get adjusted for skateboarding lag:

AllScrolls% Warps: <8:30
AllScrolls% Warpless: <9:50
AllScrolls% Glitched: <7:20
All skater athlete runs will be adjusted for skateboarding lag

This change applies to all runs currently on the leaderboard and all future runs. For runs that are very close (.5 or so) to the cutoff, the runner can request for their run to be adjusted. Each skateboarding segment will be adjusted to exactly 1:30, so runs with a skateboarding of less than 1:30 will actually have time added. Mods will be retiming existing runs in the following days, it probably won’t take long at all. Thank you!

- Fibbel and RedMooschrom"

^ This announcement is from 15th of September. "News tab" allows us to inform all of you that aren't on our discord server about the changes. I still recommend to join discord server to keep up with the community. All of the major announcements will be posted in News as well.

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