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Hello, My name is Kiritour (well that's my username) and I am 13 years old and I've been a fan of Super Mario 64 for a while because my family got me into retro games when I was young so I was fortunate enough to start liking them more than some other kids my age. I have watched quite a few speedruns on super Mario 64 and wondered how fast I could do it but I've always tried but never could succeed and the problem I thought I was having was that I didn't have someone to give me tips and tricks which is why I joined and I am trying to learn to speedrun different games too I am actually a small YouTuber. well I am a very small YouTuber only 19 subscribers and I'm still losing them sometimes but I'm trying to learn to speedrun for my viewer's enjoyment and it feels good to be here


Welcome! It's nice to see someone as young as you get into speedrunning 🙂 I wish you luck with your Super Mario 64 endeavours! The community for that game is quite large, and I'm sure people will be delighted to help you.


Welcome! Make sure to check out the game's forum and guides pages, along with the community's Discord server.


Nice to have younger people around.